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I'm not really sure what a bio is supposed to be about. Am I to tell you who I am and what I am all about? Well I can't do that because I don't fully understand those things myself, but even if I did I wouldn't write that here because it is too boring.

I am a loner type person, with few friends but the ones I do have have are special and I would die for them. I don't live a very interesting life on the outside but what I am on the inside is pretty awesome.

I spend my free time reading fanfiction, learning to speak German fluently, working as a housekeeper, and doing past life regression Being a lazy bum takes up most of my time but I also enjoy antiques and fleamarkets, walks in the forest, shopping, going to the movies, listening to japanese rock and sleeping.

That's me in a nutshell.

Go forth and become a happy cabbage